At What Age Should a Child Brush Their Own Teeth?

It’s seen that most of the parents get confused about determining the actual age of their child to brush his teeth. This is the main reason why they want to know the actual age when should a child brush their own teeth.

Usually kids aged seven or over need to brush their teeth. But there are children who could be below the age of 7. Thus, their parent needs to help those children brushing and cleaning their own teeth.

Parents need to ensure that their children should brush their own teeth properly for about two minutes.

child brush their own teeth

What Age Should a Child Brush Their Own Teeth?

Being a parent, you need to start brushing teeth of your child as soon as the very first tooth comes into existence. It is observed that toddlers start getting the first tooth at the age of six months.

Being a father or mother, it’s your duty to clean tooth or teeth of your baby with soft wet cotton cloth. You may also use a small-sized soft toothbrush engineered for babies.

You should clean gums and teeth surface for your child twice in a day for two minutes. It means that you need to clean teeth of your baby for two times in a day i.e. in morning and at night just before going to bed.

What If I Don’t Brush Teeth of My Baby?

Since toddlers aren’t capable of brushing their own teeth, it’s the duty of parents to make brushing teeth fun for toddlers.

If you don’t brush teeth of your toddler, you need to be ready to see your child dealing with preventable tooth decay and other dental health problems.

Moreover, poor dental health could also lead your child towards difficulty in chewing foods. It means that your baby needs to deal with bad food digestion at later stage.

child brush their own teeth

What Age Should a Child Start Brushing His Own Teeth?

However, a child of 4 years of age can be able to brush his teeth, but you need to build brushing habit in him when he’s just two years old.

According to dentists, children between 5 to 7 years of age should brush their own teeth. They don’t need to seek help from their parents when it comes to brushing.

However, it’s true that a child of 5 year should start brushing his own teeth, but it doesn’t mean that parents should stop guiding him about how to brush.

It’s your duty being a parent that you should confirm whether your child is brushing his teeth properly or not.

You need to guide your child about how to brush his teeth at early age. Here, you need to remember that brushing teeth can be a habit. So, you need to build this habit in your child.

For this, you need to choose a baby toothbrush. Yes, there are different types of toothbrushes for children in market to choose from.

You also need to visit at your dentist at regular intervals. It means that visiting your dentist after a specific period of time can help you keeping an eye of the dental health of your child.

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