How to choose a toothbrush – 7 Important Factors to consider

Choosing a great toothbrush is not as easy as you think. In fact, it can be pretty overwhelming. Luckily, you don’t need to worry anymore; you have stumbled upon the right blog post. This blog post will show you exactly how to choose a toothbrush. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

Why & How to choose a toothbrush

When it comes to cleaning your teeth properly, you first need to look for a toothbrush. There is no doubt that a toothbrush can help you clean and brush your teeth ideally. But you also need to choose the right type of toothbrush.

Many individuals get confused as there are different types of toothbrushes in the market to choose from. Of course, without selecting a toothbrush, you won’t be able to remove plaque and debris from your teeth.

So, when it comes to attaining complete oral health, you first need to choose a brush for brushing your teeth. Let’s check out the tips below on choosing a toothbrush.

Manual Vs. Electric Toothbrush

When you decide to choose a toothbrush, you have two basic options to choose from, i.e., an electric or battery-powered toothbrush and a manual toothbrush. Now, you may be confused about deciding whether to go with a manual or electric brush.

You may choose any toothbrush, but you must select the right one according to your requirements. To know how to brush your teeth, you need to determine a manual toothbrush. On the other hand, if you want to make brushing more comfortable, you need to go with an electric toothbrush.

By choosing a battery-powered toothbrush, you can set a timer for brushing. You can avoid putting on bristles while brushing. Moreover, electric brushing can help you brush your teeth for two minutes. You can set 30-second quadrants for your teeth. It means that you can brush your teeth thoroughly within two minutes.

Is It an ADA Accepted Toothbrush?

If you are confused about choosing the right toothbrush for brushing your teeth, you must consider the ADA acceptance seal. American Dental Association can help you determine the best toothbrush for your teeth.

Usually, most individuals don’t consider this point, but accepting this point into consideration can help you make the right choice. So, before making a final choice, you first need to confirm whether your chosen toothbrush comes with an ADA acceptance seal or not.

Know about Different Types of Bristles

different types of toothbrush bristles

When choosing the best toothbrush for brushing your teeth, you need to concentrate on determining the same bristles. There is no doubt that bristles are the leading players who clean your teeth effectively. So, you need to choose the best type of bristles.

There are three options available to go with, i.e., hard, medium, and soft. You are advised to always go with soft bristles. You should choose a toothbrush incorporated with soft bristles. The key reason behind choosing a soft-bristled toothbrush is that it can help you protect the enamel on your teeth. When choosing stiff or medium bristles, it might be possible that they create issues for enamel and gums.

However, you should always go with a soft-bristled toothbrush, but it doesn’t mean that stiff and medium bristles are useless. Dentists usually suggest choosing a hard or medium bristled toothbrush to their patients. So, you always need to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush unless your dentist recommends you prefer a hard one.

Don’t Forget Considering Toothbrush Size

The size of the toothbrush head can’t be ignored when making a decision. It’s a fact that you would like to brush every area of your teeth. If you choose a bigger-sized of the brush head, you may find it difficult to brush and clean the deepest place of your teeth.

So, when it comes to brushing and cleaning the deepest area of your teeth, you need to choose a toothbrush with a small head. If you ignore this point, you will have to regret your decision. You won’t like to repent your judgment. Thus, you would like to choose a small-headed toothbrush.

Going with a small-headed toothbrush simply means that you can easily brush and clean your teeth’ inner and outer surfaces. It’s undoubtedly an important point that can help you choose the best toothbrush on the market.

Choose a Toothbrush with a Flexible Handle

When learning how to choose a toothbrush, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of a toothbrush handle. Yes, you need to select a toothbrush with a flexible hold.

The key reason behind choosing a flexible handle is that you can quickly move it around your mouth for brushing your teeth. Of course, it’s an essential part of your brush. So, you must consider this point while choosing the best brush for brushing your teeth.

Other Factors to Consider

Apart from the points mentioned above, there are various factors that you also need to take into consideration. Some of them are the toothbrush’s color, design, and style. However, most of the features have nothing to do with the performance of a toothbrush, but still, you can consider them.

If you choose a toothbrush for your child, you need to look for a bright-colored brush. You can also select a toy-like meeting for your kid. Moreover, you can also choose a stylish-looking toothbrush yourself.

When Should I Change My Toothbrush?

Having gone through the point mentioned earlier, you must have learned how to choose a toothbrush. Now, you need to know when you should change your toothbrush. You must change your toothbrush or head at least four times a year.

What is the right time to change my toothbrush?

When you notice that your toothbrush starts wearing and tearing, you need to look for a new toothbrush or head. On the other, you strictly change your toothbrush after every three months. You should change your toothbrush or brush head after every 90 days so that you can keep brushing with soft bristles.

It’s seen that many individuals don’t know or even do not follow this rule. Therefore, they have to cope with the wrong brushing practice. When you keep brushing your teeth with a brush more than three months old, you will create issues for your tooth enamel and gums.

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