Damon Braces Review – Pros & Cons

Damon braces review vs traditional braces

If you are dealing with complicated teeth crowding, you need to unveil the benefits using braces. Actually, braces can help you aligning, correcting and straightening your teeth naturally. It means that you can easily have better smile and overall appearance using braces. This post on damon braces review willl answer doubts. Now, the question arises … Read more

Clearcorrect Vs Invisalign – What’s better for Me?

Invisalign_aligner - clearcorrect vs invisalign

Due to innovative technology and medicinal advancements, orthodontic treatment has witnessed great changes in recent years. There was a time when people had to use typical metal braces to straighten their teeth. But today, you can easily find different types of options to straighten your teeth such as clearcorrect vs invisalign. There are various brands … Read more

How to fix broken retainer ?

how to fix broken retainer

There could be various methods that can help you fixing a broken retainer. So, let’s keep stated below tips on how to fix broken retainer. However, you will never and ever like to get your retainer broken, but still there could be situations when you have to cope with broken retainer. Obviously, it’s a bad … Read more

My Retainer Broke – what should I do ?

my retainer broke - dentistry blog

However, you don’t want to get your retainer damaged or broken, but still there could be conditions when you have to deal with broken retainer. Now in this situation, you would like to learn how to fix broken retainer. My retainer broke so what should I do to get it fixed. It’s the most common … Read more

Difference between Dentist and Orthodontist

difference between dentist and orthodontist

Do you want to know the difference between dentist and orthodontist? If yes, then you should know that dentists and orthodontists both are doctors. Both types of professionals help their patients getting rid of oral and dental problems. However, both i.e. dentists and orthodontists help their patient enjoying great oral health, but they achieve the … Read more

How Long Do Whitened Teeth Last?

how long do whitened teeth last

Your teeth plays most important role in your body language. Apart from keeping you orally and dentally healthy, teeth also plays a significant role in making your smile and overall appearance. Yes, if you don’t have white teeth, you may not be able to enjoy a great smiling. Due to smoking, drinking red wine, tea … Read more

Myst Toothbrush Review

Myst toothbrush review

You know the rule of brushing your teeth very well. Actually, usually people brush their teeth for two minutes and twice a day. But here is a product called Myst toothbrush that comes with a new rule. Yes, now you can brush your teeth in 30 seconds. Myst toothbrush review is going to help you … Read more